Team Agreement



Team: Rugged Naked Fishermen

KIB216 Advanced Web Design

<Erin Regan – n7196814>

<Kirsten Riley – n7217374>

<Anna Apuli – n7213395>

<Ketty Chiang – n6852769>

<Alexandra Cornell – n6827918


1   Team Expectations

1.1 Team Goals

  • To work successfully within a group but also individually.
  • To communicate clearly and effectively.
  • To contribute equal amounts of work load.
  • For each group member to be satisfied with not only the end result but the progress to get to the end result.
  • To meet each set timeline to the best of our abilities.
  • Be open and honest with each member of the team.

1.2  Purpose of the Agreement

  • To understand the expectations of each team member, so that we know how to deal with conflict in a professional manner if it were to arise.
  • To understand the responsibilities of each team member within the project.

1.3  Character of Participation

It is expected that each team member participates entirely and that all members contribute equal amounts of work.

2 Team Responsibilities

2.1  Workload

All members of the team are visual-based, so in order to overcome other non-visual based roles, the workload will be distributed evenly between each team member.

2.2 Meetings

Each member is expected to attend any arranged meetings where possible, or if any member can’t attend, they should communicate in advance and let the team know and also send any work or contribution they have made. The purpose of meetings is to review any work that has already been done and set any new work to be completed before the next meeting. Each member has agreed to meet before class on Thursdays, to review any work that has been done prior. If the team feels a second meeting needs to be arranged, each member will meet at a different date during the week.

2.3 Communications

Each team member has exhcanged email addresses and phone numbers and any conversations outside of class will be carried out via Facebook and email. The team will communicate with each other (outside of class) at least once a week, to see how each member is going, in order to prepare for the week’s lesson. The team will set up a blog so that each member can communicate and contribute any ideas/inspirations they come across during the design process. If any of the team members has any questions or needs help, it is agreed that someone else will reply within 24 hours.

2.4 Costs

Any costs associated with this project will be divided evenly between each group member.

3  Conflict

3.1 Definitions of Non – Compliance with Team Agreement

Minor non-compliances include lack of communication to other team members, frequently missing meetings, not coming to tutorials, not being punctual.

Major non-compliances include not meeting deadlines and contributing their fair share of work, not showing up to meetings (without communicating with other members beforehand), never showing up to meetings/tutorials, little to no communication to other team members.

3.2 Dispute Resolution & Conflict Management

The team has agreed to manage minor non-compliances by communicating directly with the individual and asking them to improve on their teamwork skills. If the issue is still not resolved after direct communication, an email will be sent to the individual outlining the areas in which they need to approve. If the issue is still not yet resolved, the issue will be taken to the tutor for further action.

The team has agreed to manage major non-compliances by sending a formal email warning to the individual along with a brief consultation with the tutor. If the issue is still not resolved, the tutor will intervene with the group, which may result in the individual losing their position within the team.


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