mockups – alex

welcome | frock paper scissors | 2010 graduates

welcome screen | frock paper scissors | 2010 graduates

home page

home page | frock paper scissors

 When hovering over the girl/guy section, the drop down menu will appear with “features | street style | galleries”

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Email from Frock Paper Scissors

It’s Anna from Frock Paper Scissors, how’s everything going? I just wanted to check back and see if any teams had concerns before finalising their designs that we could help with.

I have been checking in with the creative directors and a visual style guide won’t be developed until after the proposals are due. But if anyone wants specifics further than we want into, please add that we are after basic sans serif fonts for both the header, which will be a simply designed ‘frock paper scissors’, and for the body text. As we are quite content heavily, the style is mostly to enhance readability.

We are now quite certain that we would really like the homepage to be as close to a header on a black or white background, with an large feature image that rotates between highlighting the ‘frock’, ‘paper’ and ‘scissors’ within the header text and a basic site menu as possible. I did mention this in the presentation, but a concept that is close or that is different but amazing would also be really great.

I also realised I forgot to mention that we need a calender section which would hopefully be interactive (if possible) and a few other basic subsections that we could discuss with the resulting team. But just incase it’s information that might be useful to them I thought I’d include it.

Let me know if there are any questions I might be able to answer, sorry for the content-heavy email!


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Delegated Roles

If there are any issues with understanding what these sections mean, or if anyone’s having trouble completing a section please let everyone else know ASAP and we can sort any issues out before they get worse! thanks guyss, hope this is ok x


Site Objectives and Needs

full needs analysis

use case scenarios and personas

Design Team and Roles

Project Timeline

Technical Strategy

Key Milestones and Deliverables




The Design problem

Aims and Objectives

Success Criteria


Key Design Features


mood boards




photoshop layouts


a content inventory


accessibility and usability analyses

results of user testing or surveys

Content Strategy


information architecture diagrams

functional specifications

results of a competitive analysis

results of user testing or surveys

Scope of work to be undertaken

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Website Analysis – Anna

Frock Paper Scissors:

More successful way to scroll through galleries, consider the gorman website where images are neatly placed next to one another and clicking on an image merely enlarges it, rather than navigates to the linked image. (see:

Fresher colour template, black and white seems outdated – doesn’t match the theme of the magazine. Perhaps even a single colour element would improve the feel of the website. (see:

A cleaner look on the front page, consider the lilya website which has a similar look but has more white space and less bold looking fonts. Headings don’t necessarily need to be that big and bold. This website could work better if it were a cleaner, more image-driven style. (see

notes: Contact information is yet to be uploaded on the designer’s profiles.

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My Mockup – Erin

hey guys, just uploading my mockup design. Also, I’ve done the project plan, well as much of it as I could do at the stage we’re at… I’ll email it to you all, I leave Wednesday morning so I’ll try my best to check up on emails, etc while I’m away x

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Colour Scheme- ketty

Hey just a bit of playing of colours, thinking of the atmosphere for our website. Have a play if you can find out some more interesting colour combinations 🙂

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Layout sketch and mock up- Ketty

Sketches and mock up for layout from ketty.

I think maybe we could do some interesting design for logo and navbar and keep main contents (images and text) clear and easy to read.

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