Email from Frock Paper Scissors

It’s Anna from Frock Paper Scissors, how’s everything going? I just wanted to check back and see if any teams had concerns before finalising their designs that we could help with.

I have been checking in with the creative directors and a visual style guide won’t be developed until after the proposals are due. But if anyone wants specifics further than we want into, please add that we are after basic sans serif fonts for both the header, which will be a simply designed ‘frock paper scissors’, and for the body text. As we are quite content heavily, the style is mostly to enhance readability.

We are now quite certain that we would really like the homepage to be as close to a header on a black or white background, with an large feature image that rotates between highlighting the ‘frock’, ‘paper’ and ‘scissors’ within the header text and a basic site menu as possible. I did mention this in the presentation, but a concept that is close or that is different but amazing would also be really great.

I also realised I forgot to mention that we need a calender section which would hopefully be interactive (if possible) and a few other basic subsections that we could discuss with the resulting team. But just incase it’s information that might be useful to them I thought I’d include it.

Let me know if there are any questions I might be able to answer, sorry for the content-heavy email!


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